Mohammed Rafy and Mohammed Saeed moved to Dubai, UAE from Bangalore, India to start a micromobility & electric scooter sharing company called Sahal which means easy in arabic.

In the prototype stage with an app, backend management and a purpose built scooter with a swappable battery after few months in it both of them decided to pivot to B2B logistics company to support big and small scooter operators analyzing how hard it was to become operationally profitable as a standalone scooter sharing company . After few weeks it was time to wrap that up due to different challenges such as getting a scooter operator to say yes for us doing logistics & maintenance, uncertainty for scooter companies to get a permission to operate in the city.

Mohammed Rafy currently works
with a scooter sharing company in UAE in their marketing & growth team and Mohammed Saeed decided to move back to Bangalore to restart his software/hardware development consultancy.

You can find Mohammed Rafy and Mohammed Saeed on Twitter.

It was indeed a great journey working on a startup in a mobility space. We know micromobilty is here to stay and will literally change how people move in a city. If you are interested in learning/knowing about micromobility or you want to build any product you can always reach out to us.

Until next time